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Introducing UVX The Better Way To Purify Water

Exclusively From Water Of Life

UVX Ultraviolet Water Purification TechnologyUVX is a breakthrough, ultraviolet-water-purification technology developed by Water Of Life. Its unique reaction chamber multiplies the pathogen killrate of ultraviolet light. As a result, UVX is ultra energy efficient, compact and portable. For example, UVX purifies 40,000 L (10,600 gal.) of water to U.S.-EPA standards using a single car battery on the world's best drinking water purifier for villages.


UVX Technical Features

Water Purity Demonstrated Compliant With U.S. EPA Specifications for Bacteria and Viruses
Energy Consumption Tiny Energy Consumption per Liter (or Gal.)
Power Sources Batteries, Generators, Electrical Power Grids or Solar Panels (depends on system)
Consumable Parts None, Nothing to Replace
Suitable Climate Water-Cooled Electronics Make It Suitable For Use in Hot Climates
Failsafe Self-Checks and Shuts Off Valve if Problem Occurs
Water Taste Great with No Chemical Residue
Moving Parts Only One
Maintenance Low