Multi-Year Field Trail

UVX Withstood 3 Years In Africa

UVX technology purifying safe drinking water in Sierra Leone

No Failures In Over 3 Years Of Field Experience

UVX demonstrated its effectiveness, portability and toughness in field trials in Sierra Leone and Ethiopia. It accomplished every field trial objective.


  • To purify safe drinking water in a village in a lesser developed nation
  • To evaluate UVX's long-term effectiveness in a harsh environment


  • Deployed UVX in several remote African villages
  • Trained villagers to operate and maintain UVX
  • Supervised the application of UVX in the villages

Field Trial Results:

  • Daily operation for over 3 years without a single component failure
  • Purified drinking water for thousands of villagers per day for over 3 years
  • Eliminated waterborne infections
  • Protected thousands of villagers from a typhoid epidemic