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Reliable, Safe Water for 250 - 1,100 Villagers / Day

VillageWater purifies safe drinking water in remote areas with UVX pathogen disinfection technology.  It is available in several product models:  VillageWater 250, VillageWater 500, VillageWater 850 and VillageWater 1100.

VillageWater Features

  • Completely Self-Contained
  • Solar Powered with Foot Pump
  • Assembles in Less Than an Hour
  • Save Lives with Awesome Water Quality

VillageWater Specification Sheets

VillageWater Product Link Product Specification Sheet
VillageWater 250 VillageWater 250 Spec Sheet (pdf)
VillageWater 500 VillageWater 500 Spec Sheet (pdf)
VillageWater 850 VillageWater 850 Spec Sheet (pdf)
VillageWater 1100 VillageWater 1100 Spec Sheet (pdf)

See the VillageWater Demonstration Video